Kanchana Music Academy

Kanchana Sisters have been extremely dedicated at running the popular institute for music education called – Kanchana Sri Lakshmi Narayana Music Academy. This academy has 2 branches in Bangalore, 1 branch in Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka and 1 branch in Phoenix, USA. The academy was formed by the predecessors of Kanchana sisters about  100 years ago in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. Carnatic music taught in this academy is in “Kanchana Baani” style. Vidwan K.U.Jayachandra Rao teaches mridangam at this academy.

Personal classes are conducted with unique, result-oriented exercises for talented students who strive for perfection in music.

Instruments taught: vocal, violin, mridanga, flute

Music courses: Junior, Senior, Vidwath and Post-Vidwath

Modes of class: Classes are conducted at all of the 4 music academy branches and also online classes are conducted through Skype, FaceTime or other video/audio apps.

Music Workshop Practice Sessions

Music Workshops: Because of their perfection oriented music teaching technique, Kanchana Sisters are well sought-after for music workshops. They have done workshops on various aspects such as – rare compositions, ancient taalas, music practice methodology and such others. Their workshops are beneficial for music learners of all levels.

Kanchana Baani:

Kanchana baani of music was popularized by Sageetha Ratna Kanchana Venkata Subrahmaniam and Karnataka Kalasri Kanchana Subbarathnam. Kanchana Baani of music excels by simplicity and by minimizing use of gamaka ornamentation (such as birgas). While Shruthi is looked upon as mother of music and Laya is looked upon as father of music (shruthir maatha layah pitaha), in Kanchana baani, we look upon Gamaka as the soul of music. The essence and greatness of Kanchana baani is in observing beauty and tranquility in baanis of all great artists and music gurus and then adopting their eclectic aspects. This observation and adoption comes only through continuous process of vigorous learning and with openness and intellect. Besides adopting from their gurus, Kanchana Venkata Subrahmaniam and Subbarathnam, had also ingeniously devised their own sangathees and prastharas to enhance listener’s experience.

While all students are taught the same music, in Kanchana baani, we simplify and teach different versions of one single music piece differently, to each pupil based on his/her ability to grasp the complexity in that music piece. Although it demands great amount of patience from the tutor, every student gets the benefit of being able to render music with relative ease and at the best quality of his/her limits.



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